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What makes a good team and drives a business? 

The team at Charles Cox Property Management Group is expanding, and I had the opportunity to talk to Lisa Abercromby, the new Head of Property Management and Associate Director, to discover her thoughts on good management.

“Everyone during their working life has experienced being managed, and as the saying goes, ‘people leave bad managers, not bad jobs’. The role of a successful manager isn’t just to ensure that the job is done the most efficiently, quickly and with good results, but without the buy-in from your team, this will only get you so far. Having spoken to many people in business, it appears their main criticism is that there isn’t effective communication or the ability to listen to their staff.

Good communication is essential to team management

Good communication is essential for managers as they are responsible for giving directions and feedback to their employees. Managers become great communicators by being good listeners, which is at the heart of great teamwork,” she said. “Great teams communicate well and often, with everyone happy to share ideas, brainstorm and ask for feedback. Not only does a manager need to communicate effectively, but they also need to have their team’s back and know that they can discuss any issue and that their manager is happy to get their hands dirty and get stuck in when needed. As hard as it may be, having the ability to say ‘no’ is a key skill to drive the business forward, even if, at times, it may not make everyone happy, even if it is the right decision. Being organised, motivated, flexible and agile allows the team to understand their roles better.” 

Lisa feels that a good manager will also ensure accountability and commitment to excellence, achieved by not micro-managing the team and allowing them to take ownership of their work. Her experience confirms that support and mentoring are far more effective than having an employee too scared to speak up if they are having problems and that a good manager should understand their team’s work and deadlines and be able to intercept and provide support should it be needed.

Management challenges

The complex environment of work today and the many challenges facing companies require dedicated teamwork and energy to balance and master teams. Soft skills are vital and recognising that each team member needs to be managed differently, and has different needs and motivators, brings consistency to overall performance. “Providing positive and constructive feedback is also vitally important, and a good manager should also be able to receive feedback on themselves. Regular 1-2-1 meetings to discuss confidentially any issue that the team member may have, whether it be to do with their work, relationships with colleagues or anything concerning them at home which may affect their work, are vital for the team’s welfare. As well as being able to work hard, the team also needs opportunities to have fun and encourage collaboration, teamwork and a healthy level of competition!” she remarked. 

In any good team management situation, the person that stands to learn the most about their team and themselves is the team leader. Asking Lisa her final thought, she said, “In any team that I lead, I try and remember the following…. role clarity, trust, job satisfaction, commitment to the organisation, motivation and empowerment, all of which encompass running a good team.”

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