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Core values

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Charles Cox Core Values 

We believe that the foundation of successful property management rests upon specialist knowledge and a commitment to well-maintained homes. 

Through our specialist knowledge we empower property owners to make strategic investments. 

Through our commitment to maintenance, we create living spaces that foster a sense of pride and belonging. 

We Act 

We will deliver a proactive service to deliver the results you need fast. We will have a “one team” mentality so that every staff member takes responsibility for helping our clients.

We Understand 

Our company owns property as both freeholders and leaseholders so we understand the frustrations that can arise. We will listen to all parties involved to try and find a solution that works for everyone. 

We Empower 

Our team are empowered to find unique solutions for every challenge. We want them to find the best possible outcome, not just the usual one. We also empower our clients by engaging with them to make the best out of their property. 

We Educate 

Education is a fundamental principle that guides our actions and purpose. We believe in the power of education, both for our team and the wider community. We are dedicated to learning, sharing knowledge, and fostering growth in ourselves and others. 

We are Accountable 

We know that things don’t always go smoothly so we will promote a culture of being reliable, honest and transparent in all our dealings with you. We will support and encourage our team to deliver excellence.

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