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Communal garden rules and guidelines

Living in an apartment block with a communal garden can be a great way to build a sense of community, but it’s important to establish some rules to ensure that everyone can enjoy the space safely and peacefully. Typically, these rules are agreed upon by the tenants and the owner, who might form a committee to make decisions.

Newcomers need to be aware of these guidelines to avoid annoying their neighbours, so please check before your use your outdoor spaces.

Sharing a communal garden

Rules for communal gardens are essential for a few reasons. Firstly, they may be outlined in your lease, making it your legal responsibility to uphold them. Secondly, sharing an outdoor space with strangers can be difficult, so setting some ground rules can help ease tension and avoid misunderstandings. Getting to know your neighbours and viewing them as potential friends is also a good idea to help establish a rapport and find shared ground.

General communal garden rules and guidelines

Respect other tenants’ privacy

Take turns using the garden and avoid using it frequently for personal use to allow others to appreciate the space. If you want to hold any parties or events, run it past your neighbours so they are aware. Try and avoid barbeques as the smell can be disruptive to other people.


It’s important to keep the garden tidy by controlling aggressive plants, establishing restrictions on planting, and keeping a close watch on the outdoor area. Check your lease to understand your obligations and be considerate of others.

No smoking

It’s illegal to smoke in public areas, so smoking should be done off-premises or in a designated smoking area.

Structures and paths

Check your agreement and get permission before using any structures or paths in the garden. Ensure they comply with local area requirements.

Keeping noise to a minimum

Keep noise at a reasonable level and try to avoid excessively loud activities. Your lease may outline certain hours when noise should be kept quiet, especially in communal areas. 

Drying laundry outside

Drying laundry outdoors can be annoying and affect how others use the space, so it’s not allowed in some communal gardens.

If you are not sure of your rules or guidelines, please check your lease or a tenants noticeboard for more information.

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