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Eastbourne property services

An efficient Eastbourne operation

The Charles Cox Property Group are fast becoming recognised as an established property management company in the Eastbourne and Pevensey area. We have satellite offices in Eastbourne and Brighton and our HQ in Newhaven. By employing cutting-edge technology and fostering a collaborative work environment, our property managers work effectively and efficiently across a diverse range of properties.

Mobile technology and cloud-based systems

One of the key factors contributing to our success is our commitment to the latest technology. We recognise the importance of mobility and equip our property managers with mobile devices such as laptops and smartphones. This working method allows them to access essential information, respond to queries, and manage tasks wherever they are. Embracing cloud-based systems further enables seamless data sharing and collaboration among team members, irrespective of their physical location.

Embracing the power of collaboration

While we operate from a physical office in Eastbourne, we understand collaboration is not confined to a specific location. Our property managers have the flexibility to work in various locations, including our Newhaven and Brighton offices. This approach enhances productivity and ensures our clients receive dedicated attention regardless of where their property manager is situated. By maximising modern communication tools and digital platforms, we work more effectively. 

Wide variety of properties in Eastbourne

We manage a range of properties in Eastbourne, from larger blocks of 72 flats, South Cliff Tower, to smaller blocks of four flats. This diversity enables our property managers to gain valuable experience handling different property types. It ensures that clients receive specialised attention tailored to their unique needs.

Local expertise and access to contractors 

We pride ourselves on having a close connection to the Eastbourne community. We have several property managers who live in the town and understand the local area and real estate. This local knowledge positions our property managers to provide personalised and tailored services to our clients. Additionally, being a part of Royal Eastbourne Business Network International (BNI) gives us access to a vast network of local contractors. We can therefore connect our clients with reliable local professionals for maintenance, repairs, and other property-related services.

Expanding our presence

Looking into the future, we plan to expand our business further in Eastbourne. Building on our success in the area, we aim to expand to a larger office, increasing our accessibility for clients in different areas of the town. 

Recognising potential growth in Brighton, we are also excited to establish a presence in this vibrant coastal city. This expansion will allow us to serve a broader client base and solidify our position as a trusted name in the block management industry. 

Please contact us for more details, or if you have any questions.

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