Building Surveying

Whether we manage your building, already or not, we are able to help with all manner of building surveying tasks such as:
  • Defect analysis and reporting
  • Project advice and long term maintenance planning
  • CDM management or advice
  • Party wall issues
  • Tender specification production
  • Contact administration (works supervision)
  • Dispute resolution
So if you are planning on carrying out refurbishment or maintenance work to your property, or you are having issues with damp or water ingress, we can assist you throughout this process.

From pointing issues and defect identification we can assist you.

Do you know how bad your mortar joins and brick work are? As you will see in the photo opposite we have used common identification methods to show how things are relative to the issue in hand. This is a much better way of showing our clients over a simple photograph. This can also be blown up on a bigger screen if required.

By using simple editing software we carry on our phones and iPads we can easily mark photographs – further helping with ease of reference


Following on from the Regulatory Fire Acts of the mid 2000’s and further updates to such guidance notes we are able to assist with any requirements. From Stay Put or Get Out, Stay Out policy implementation we are able to work with a risk assessor, or apply our own in house understanding, on the tasks at hand. Regular reviewing of the main risk assessment is also something that we aim to conduct to help ensure compliancy is met – whether that is done internally or externally.

Opposite are some examples of major and minor external works which require, both the need for Section 20 Notices to be issued and the supervision of the works. From a large to a small task we are able to assist.


These show some of our commonly raised issues such as Listed Building Consent, which would have been required at this listed property in Brighton, to a complex task such as fitting a new intercom system with upgraded handsets – requiring access into various flats.

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