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Data Protection

Did you know that in March 2018 there are new rules coming into effect which affect the way companies protect their data and your information? The new regulations are not going to be wildly different to the existing ones but they will aim to tighten up protocol for those who need to protect data. As… Continue reading Data Protection

Fire Risk Assessments

Unfortunately due to the recent Grenfell Tower disaster, Fire Risk Assessments and the issue of compartmentalisation has been a hot topic amongst the leasehold world. Whilst it is highly likely that in due course formal central government guidance will be issued (which will replace the current guidelines) these must be looked at in context of… Continue reading Fire Risk Assessments

Tribunal Hearings

From time to time in the world of leasehold it is inevitable that tribunal hearings will happen. It will range from the simple non-payment of service charge to disputes over a clause in the lease to far more complicated issues like the right to manage application or a multiple entrance to the building with commercial… Continue reading Tribunal Hearings

Service Charge Collection

At Charles Cox Ltd, the main task that we do is issuing the service charge demands. Naturally this can be a time-consuming task especially when collection of arrears is involved. There are usually many reasons why leaseholders do not pay a service charge promptly or choose to dispute it. In summary the main two reasons… Continue reading Service Charge Collection