What is Bungaroosh?

Why Bungaroosh is almost exclusive to our Sussex seaside towns around Brighton?  Bungaroosh, sometimes spelt bungerouche or bungeroosh, is a composite material used for building. It is generally found in the Brighton, Newhaven and Seaford areas and can incorporate a variety of substances and materials from coastal locations, some taken from the sea but also… Continue reading What is Bungaroosh?

Insurance Valuation

The Importance of an Insurance Valuation Insurance valuations of buildings are highly recommended by ARMA, RICS, insurers and other bodies, however the topic does come up quite a lot because they are not cheap as a singular item, although they do generally last five years. It is crucial for clients to be mindful of the… Continue reading Insurance Valuation

ARMA Audit

As a member of ARMA we are distinguishing ourselves from competitors through a commitment to delivering high-quality work for consumers. As part of our membership we are required to undergo an audit check once every three years. The overall aim of the audit is to provide an assurance that we, at Charles Cox Ltd are… Continue reading ARMA Audit

Eco Friendly

In our efforts to be more eco friendly and help protect the environment we are working towards using as minimum paper as possible. From the outset we have used low energy usage pc’s, printers and other such equipment. So this is just the latest move in helping to protect the environment.   To find out more… Continue reading Eco Friendly

Data Protection

Did you know that in March 2018 there are new rules coming into effect which affect the way companies protect their data and your information? The new regulations are not going to be wildly different to the existing ones but they will aim to tighten up protocol for those who need to protect data. As… Continue reading Data Protection

Fire Risk Assessments

Unfortunately due to the recent Grenfell Tower disaster, Fire Risk Assessments and the issue of compartmentalisation has been a hot topic amongst the leasehold world. Whilst it is highly likely that in due course formal central government guidance will be issued (which will replace the current guidelines) these must be looked at in context of… Continue reading Fire Risk Assessments

Tribunal Hearings

From time to time in the world of leasehold it is inevitable that tribunal hearings will happen. It will range from the simple non-payment of service charge to disputes over a clause in the lease to far more complicated issues like the right to manage application or a multiple entrance to the building with commercial… Continue reading Tribunal Hearings