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ARMA Audit

As a member of ARMA we are distinguishing ourselves from competitors through a commitment to delivering high-quality work for consumers. As part of our membership we are required to undergo an audit check once every three years. The overall aim of the audit is to provide an assurance that we, at Charles Cox Ltd are complying with the ARMA Standards.

Our first audit involved an analysis of both management and financial matters by which we had to provide detailed information about how we process invoices, send sets of accounts, reconcile our bank accounts, our Section 20 process, to name a few.

There are varying degrees of grading, and whilst we are not permitted to disclose our official grading we can confirm we did extremely well against even the best reports our auditor had issued in a long time.

This should provide reassurance for our clients and prospective clients as to the quality of the work and compliance we provide at Charles Cox Ltd.

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