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Debt collection for smaller blocks

Unpaid service charges can really jeopardise good block management and the debt collection process can be challenging and time-consuming for landlords and managing agents, putting a huge dent in cash flow.

When it comes to smaller blocks where there is a community, it is often important to use methods which not only get the cash back quickly, but also maintains the leaseholder relationship.

It may be that the leaseholder who has the arrears is not refusing to pay the service charge but simply cannot afford to pay it. In this situation many people feel they are unable to recover the funds without losing the good relationship they have with the leaseholder in question or having a negative impact on their credit score.

This is simply not the case, there are multiple ways in which service charge arrears can be recovered in a wide variety of situations. If you are currently experiencing a similar situation and you would like some specialist advise please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help.

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