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Jake talks about property management

What kind of problems can a tenant experience if living in an apartment block which is managed by a block management company?

I spoke to Jake, from Charles Cox Property Management to find out.

Waste Collection

Jake told me that some of the most common issues are centred around rubbish and not having a bin delivered due to third parties parking and blocking the access that bin men require. Jake said ‘In these circumstances, this can be predicament which can only be resolved in certain ways:

  • requesting yellow lines
  • setting out cones (which is dependent on the area being clear)
  • amending the way, the bins are collected
  • dragging the bins out for collection

Sometimes there is no easy solution. In Seaford, we are currently working with the directors of the block, the council, and the bin team to resolve these issues as best as we can.’

Block Management duties

Jake manages a variety of blocks in Sussex and acts as a client’s central contact. Some of his usual duties will include service charge budget setting and management, site inspections, coordinating repairs, coordinating major works with external contractors, and managing correspondence with property owners.

Jake is currently in training to obtain his RICS qualifications and has been working closely with contractors on a building project in Valley Close, Newhaven.

Maintenance backlogs

I asked Jake what other challenges he manages. Many seem to be around maintenance backlogs particularly when they have taken on new blocks. These can vary from water ingress issues, blocked gullies, broken machinery, dirty carpets and not dealing with problems as they arise, which frequently causes more problems in the long term.

At Charles Cox, the teams are expert block managers and will plan and achieve maintenance works over set periods of time, this could be 12 months or up to 5-year maintenance plans.

Alterations to your leasehold property

Jake also added that some owners want to make changes to their leasehold property but in order to do this, they have to obtain consent before carrying out any alternations. This is to ensure that the building structure and appearance is not adversely affected by the alterations or that no breaches of the lease occur.

Being a Property Manager always has its challenges but ensuring that everyone is kept in the loop and receives information on time, goes a long way to ensuring the projects and maintenance are kept on track.

If you would like to contact any of the team please use our enquiry form.

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